Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grizzlies, Glaciers & Eagles... OH MY

The Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers in Southern Alaska are famous locations for photographers and adventurers alike. While being a bit colder than other rafting destinations, this area is rich in wildlife and beautiful scenery. Breath-taking panoramas open up around every bend. The area is also unique in that it is part of the world’s largest biological preserve and contains some of the world’s most active glaciers. Rafters have the opportunity to float in a lake filled with icebergs and hike onto a glacier. In other words, this will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Canadian River Expeditions offers three options in this area of Alaska. One trip is offered on the Tatshenshini and is 12 days long. This particular trip is best known for its abundance of Grizzly Bears, Bald Eagles and other wildlife and is ideal for photographers. It offers access to the Northwest’s incredible plants and animals in a unique way only possible by raft. This trip has a minimum age of 8, so it is a great option for most families with teenagers as well as adult passengers.

The other two trips both take place on the Alsek River, with the full Alsek trip lasting 14 days and the other, just the upper portion of the Alsek, lasting 8 days. These two trips are incredibly scenic and include a spectacular helicopter over Turnback Canyon and the powerful Tweedsmuir Glacier. Both of the Alsek trips have no minimum age so families are welcome.

When it comes to outdoor adventure, these three Alaskan river rafting trips are guaranteed to be an amazing and unique experience. Whether you are looking to see and photograph some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, or are simply after a change of pace in your rafting adventures, these Alaskan rafting trips through Canadian River Expeditions are definitely the way to go. The guides at Canadian River Expeditions are experts at what they do and are extremely knowledgeable. We’re sure you’ll make lifelong memories and have an incredible experience in the wild Northwest.

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