Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rafting on the East Coast

You know, people travel the world to find the perfect white water rafting locations.  Some of the most devoted rafters I know plan for days, weeks, and even months, charting out their global rafting adventure. Well believe it or not, many of those adventures take place right on the beautiful east coast of the US.

We wanted to give you little insight into our favorite rafting locations up and down the east coast. Check it out.


Maine River Rafting

Ever been to Maine? You should go, and not just for the lobster. Maine is home to the Penobscot, a river that’s known throughout the country for its natural beauty and is four branches (north, south, east, and west). Take it north, and you’ll find the Canadian border. Take it south, and you’ll end up in the town of Bangor. The east route takes you from Matagamon Dam to Whetstone Falls while the west route takes you downstream from Seboomook Lake.

This area gives you so many options, and that’s why we love it!

New York

New York River Rafting

Most people wouldn’t associate New York with rafting, but believe me, rafting the Delaware River makes for quite a fun summer for those looking for calm rapids.

There’s about a 5 – 10 mile stretch of white water fit for both beginners and intermediate rafters.


Massachusetts River Rafting

The Concord River is just 30 minutes north of the great city of Boston, Massachusetts and has 3 major class III and IV rapids: Twisted Sister, Three Beauties, and Middlesex Dam.

Ever heard of a surfing hole? Well if you decide to take on Three Beauties, you’ll learn what it is. And may I say that it’s one of the most enjoyable aspects of white water rafting.


Vermont River Rafting

If you’re ready for a full day of kick-your-butt rafting, Vermont’s West River (class III and IV rapids) has you covered. One area known as the Dumplings is the river's natural s-turn that will push your paddling skills to the limit.

I recommend taking a trip up to Vermont during the fall when the colors are gorgeous and the weather is still suitable.


Tennessee River Rafting
I couldn’t even think about making this list and forget to mention Tennessee, one the country’s meccas of white water rafting. The Ocoee is on the most rivers for white water rafting because of the range of obstacles it holds. Experts and novices have quite a trip ahead of them.

With over 20 continuous rapids, you’re surrounded by deep green forests and scenic wildlife. The whole Ocoee experience is unforgettable.

West Virginia

West Virginia River Rafting

Ah, the Gualey River of West Virginia; the Beast of the East. This is a 105 mile-long river with several class IV and V rapids for anyone needing an adrenaline boost. It’s known as one of the most adventurous rivers on the entire east coast.

If you’re looking for something a little less daunting, the New River is one of the oldest rivers in North America and offers a gentle upper route.