Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Top 10 Scenic Rafting Destinations

Just to give you a little background about Rafting America, our white water rafting guides are the some of the most experiences whitewater guides in the US, Canada, and South America as well. Our members have even won awards from Forbes "Best of the Web for Adventure Travel." The bottom line is that when we recommend a rafting destination, you can trust that you'll remember that spot for the rest of your life.

1. Chile

Hook up with Earth River Expeditions and enjoy Chile's Futaleufu River, one of the most beautiful, exhilarating rafting locations we've ever experienced.

2. Grand Canyon

Western River Expeditions will take you on a wild ride through the Grand Canyon rapids, passing through side canyons, waterfalls, and other areas of breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park.

3. Alaska

Rafting Alaska with Copper Oar is a one-of-a-kind experience. Alaska's Nizina River is found in the heart of Alaska's largest national park and offers some mind-blowing scenic views.

4. Canada

You know Niagara Falls? Well the Nahanni River is home to some of the deepest river canyons, even deeper than Niagara Falls. Canadian River Expeditions will hook you up.

5. Ecuador

ROW Adventures knows Ecuador's Rio Upano like no other rafting guides in the world. It's such an invigorating location - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

6. Wyoming

The Snake River Canyon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a pretty famous destination in US rafting history. A few movies have even been shot here. There's a reason why everyone loves this place. Mad River Boat Trips will show you.

7. Utah

Again, Western River Expeditions knows how to provide top-knotch rafting experiences, including through Utah's Green River. The Green River shows off some pretty amazing ancient landmarks, giant cliffs, and other geological wonders.

8. Idaho

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states. ROW Adventures offers you the grand tour.

9. Oregon

Have you ever heard of the Rogue River? It's a haven for both scenic and recreational rafting areas along with a huge variety of wildlife. Rogue Wilderness Adventures knows this river well. Check 'em out.

10. Montana

We can't say enough about Glacier National Park. It's hands down one of the most gorgeous national parks on planet Earth. Glacier Guides, Inc. takes you through the Middle Fork of the Flathead River located in the park.